lessons & courses

I love helping horses with their people – and teaching humans how to communicate better with their horses, improve their seats and aids so they become better riders and horse people in general. This is why I teach!

I greatly enjoy sharing my knowledge with fellow horse-owners.

If you like the way I work with horses, don’t hesitate to give me a call any time on +49 176 20792345 to book a lesson.

I give lessons and weekend courses in the area south of Munich, specifically:
  • teachingStarnberg
  • Bad Tölz
  • Miesbach
  • Weilheim

My lessons can be anything from instructions on how to train at liberty with your horse, do groundwork or lunging correctly or improving your seat and aids for dressage, jumping or leisure riding.
I am happy to help with difficult situations, building up your horse or training young/old horses together with you.
I teach adults and children in English, German and “horse”.

For booking a weekend course at your stable, give me a shout!

Weekend courses can be held on any outside or inside arena with 3 to 5 human-horse teams. They include basics on training at liberty, ground work, lunging and riding bitless (I do not exclude riders who prefer a bit, of course) as well as some theory.

If you feel your horse needs a bit more training, I offer training horses myself:
bridless riding
When training your horse I concentrate on building the right muscle structure, strength and flexibility as well as encouraging your horse to relax under saddle and understand aids correctly.
For working with your horse I offer the following services:
  • holistic assessment & advice
  • massage & stretching
  • work in hand and on the lunge
  • gymnasticising on ground and in saddle
  • dressage and jumping exercise
  • improving trail-riding readiness


Here are my current rates:

  • ground or riding lesson with owner, ca. 1 h: 30 €
  • weekend course, ca. 4 – 5 hrs over 2 days: 100 € per human-horse team
  • horse training without owner, ca. 1.5 h: 45 €


*Note: I can only teach if you have a horse at your disposal.